2010 de hoogstraat orthopedietechniek utrecht


2010 de hoogstraat orthopedic engineering center utrecht
utrecht, the netherlands

opdrachtgever: stichting de hoogstraat revalidatie, utrecht, the netherlands.
copyright: van den berg architecten houten, the netherlands (c)

fotografie: henk leijen

The facade of this building follows along a small natural creek, part of the eco structure connecting the city center to its green surroundings. In reaction, the meandering outside wall of this building is made of a solid, yet fine, soft yellowish concrete, finished with the 3D imprint of reed, as found along the creek.

From the entrance hall a semi-transparent door leads to the orthopedic and rehabilitation engineering center. A lime green floor is the connecting element between all areas in the center. The entire layout and design breathe the focus on the patient. Here, orthoses, prostheses and wheelchairs are measured, fitted and provided to people. Every element is tailor made. This means fitting, measuring, making casts and molds, coating and of course practicing. For these precarious proceedings customers have to feel at ease, hence the department is furnished as transparent and clean as possible.

With these machines and technical devices in the epicenter of the department, the staff is shaping technical wonders for people with limited or minimal body function. The light flowing in from all sides, the wide windows overlook the garden and skylights in the roof make sure the workshops and corridors are covered in daylight.

Sustainability was one of the starting points for the design. Therefore floor heating and cooling ceilings are applied via Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) combined with heat pumps, using heat recovery systems and for example energy efficient lighting fixtures. Controled air-movement guarantees ultraclean fitting rooms adjacent to industrial workshops.